Top 10 Things to do on an Interview

Top 10 things to do on an interview…

Jeremy Mackey, Director, Recruitment
Leading Edge Systems

1. Be on time.
• A late interview is nixed from the beginning. No matter how qualified you are, tardiness almost always spells doom in an interview. Stake out the interview location ahead of time to ensure you know where the location is, and how to park. Make sure you know who to ask for, get phone numbers of the interviewer to give to the security desk.

2. Be prepared for an in person or phone interview.
• Have with you:
1. Your resume- Be prepared to discuss its content and how your experience history matches the job description,
2. A small writing pad, and a pen in front of you and.
3. Questions – It’s a red flag if you have no questions prepared. A great question is, “What would the successful candidate expect his day to day to be?” and “What kind of management style would you say you have?” or “How long have you been with the company?”
3. Dress for success
• A suit for guys, light colored shirt, blue or red tie, a business suit or dress for gals, is always the best notion, no matter the scope of the interview. (Yes, even for IT guys.. the good ole’ polo shirt days are over…)

4. Know the company
• Do your homework on the organization. On the internet, look up their website, mission statement, news releases, and upcoming projects.

5. Know the job expectations/scope
• Study the job description. Write down discreet notes that match your experience to the description, be prepared to use this as your elevator speech..

6. Use a recruiter
• Respectable recruiting firms will never charge you a fee to help you, and they have a vested interest in you getting the job. Recruiters know the client, and know what the client will and won’t hire. Your recruiter will give you the information you need in an interview rep, to get you all set for the interview..

7. Lunch interviews - Remember Table Manners
• Pay careful attention to table manners, and don’t eat much at all.
• Don’t order the more expensive selections; sandwiches and salads are great on an interview..
• Don’t drink alcohol. There are 2 schools of thought on drinking during an interview, but no alcohol at all in an interview is the les risky choice.

8. Get business cards from interviewer – if you can..
• You’ve got to get an email address to follow up with a “thank you” letter. Ask you recruiter to help you write it, and there are some great examples of “thank you letters on the web as well.

9. Ask for the job before you leave
• A good way to say this is: ”I believe my experience makes this role a great fit, and am excited about the prospect of joining the team.. How do I get on board? .Where do we go from here?

10. Be prepared Salary Negotiation – if you have to…
• If possible, this should be worked out with your recruiter before the interview. Let the interviewer bring up salary. If they don’t bring it up, don’t you bring it up…Salary discussion may not happen during the interview, and should always be driven by the interviewer.
• If this has to be done during the interview, let the interviewer quote the first number. This can be done by asking what do think is a fair rate for the role?” The interviewer almost never refuses to answer. Failure to do so will talk you out of thousands—guaranteed…


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